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Here’s how we empower effortless collaboration between artists, managers, tour managers and accountants
We've simplified the financial journey for people on tours. They trust The Pack to help them stay focused on successful touring.
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Making Tour Finances Easier

Automatic processing of receipts and real-time calculation of budgets

All Tour Docs in One Place
Organize all financial documents, use OCR to extract details from expenses, and get approvals right on the platform.
Track Expenses from Anywhere
Upload expenses and invoices straight to a tour. Upload in bulk to save time. Upload from anywhere through your phone or laptop.
Easy Tour Reporting
Export all data in an accounting-package friendly way, to save your accountant time. Xero, Quickbooks, Exact,... we support them all.
Automatic Tour  Agreements
Create simple financial agreements with crew and suppliers, and get T&C's or crew letters agreed on in one go.
Impact in Numbers

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The Pack has one goal: help people on tour focus on successful touring. We can count the amount of tours we were part of, we can count the artists, managers, crew and suppliers we support, but we can only imagine the countless crowd that was amazed by the artists' performances on each of these tours.
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