A Tour & Production Finance platform

    built for the love of Live Music

  • Hello, and welcome to

    The Pack. 

    The Pack is a Finance platform built for the Live Music Industry.

    We want to make live tours (financially) better for artists and their teams.


    That is why we started building The Pack Tour and The Pack Pay.


    Are you an artist manager, band member, freelance crew, tour manager, or anyone else involved in the live music business?


    Have you ever struggled with multiple budget sheets, last-minute changes to the touring schedule, wrong invoices, chasing approvals, and getting paid?


    Don't worry - we did as well and now are here to help.

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  • If you are managing a tour

    Plan your tour budgets and settle all payments in a few clicks.

  • The Pack Tour

    Plan your live tour and crew budget



    Collaborate on tour budgets and get approvals from within your artist team.

    100% Accurate

    100% Accurate

    Keep your crew budget accurate and up to date at all times while touring.

    Automated Invoicing

    Automated invoicing*

    Set everything up from the start for correct invoices & payment during or after tours.

    *automated invoicing in beta

  • The Pack Pay

    Keep track of all your tour finances

    One source of truth

    Get all your tour production invoices together in one place ready to settle.

    Easy Payments

    Pay your tour production invoices directly on the platform.

    Keep track of payment statuses

    Payor & Payee both keep track of payment status at all times.

  • Start Planning and Paying


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  • If you are part of a tour crew

    Keep an overview of your tour schedule and fees, and get them paid out quickly and easily

  • The Pack Tour

    Keep track of your planning

    Touring schedule

    Keep track of your touring days, even when things change.

    Clear fee agreements

    Agree on day fees, per diems,... on the platform.

    Easy invoicing

    Automatically generate invoices with the correct fees right after (or during) a tour.

  • The Pack Pay

    Get paid quicker

    Send invoices and expenses

    Easily send invoices to the master of tour accounting, or ask for expenses to be paid back.

    Quick approvals and payments

    Get on-budget invoices approved faster.

    Keep track

    Always keep track of payment statuses, without having to check other platforms.

  • Make life on the road simpler


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    Give the platform a try now.

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    Still got some questions?

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  • Why work with The Pack?

    A platform purpose-built for the live music industry

    A strong mission and vision

    We believe in the magic of live music, and understand the challenges of making that magic happen.

    That's why we are building the technology to connect all professionals on stage and behind the scenes, whether they're a seasoned professional or new to the industry.

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    Free to use

    The Pack Tour is 100% free to use, and we don't charge for payment requests either.


    We only add a 1% fee on top of payments that are made on the platform.

    Trusted by industry pros

    We work directly with some of the most experienced touring professionals in the business, and are proud to partner with them to make The Pack better every day.