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Hello, we are The Pack.
The unified platform helping Artist Teams do Business.

Right now, that means we are making it easy for everyone involved in music to transact with each other through The Pack Pay.

Are you an artist manager, band member, a freelance sound engineer, a tour manager or anyone else involved in the music business?
Have you ever wanted to easily pay others or get paid for your services?

Then we are here for you.
Sign up here and become part of the pack.

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what our platform  offers

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The Pack Pay

Create your band or brand...

... and invite others to manage it with you.

Part of multiple bands?
Freelance sound engineer who moonlights as a tour manager?

No problem - create as many bands or brands as you need!

The Pack Pay

Receive payments.

Request other users to make a payment to you for your services and expenses.

Want to add a personalized message, expense note or an invoice?

All possible on The Pack Pay - and all your transactions are safe and securely processed through Stripe.

The Pack Pay

Pay your pack.

Pay your own artist team, suppliers & staff,
before, during, and after tours & live music campaigns -directly from the platform.

Pay by card? Bank transfer?
No problem.

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the pack

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Our Mission


We appreciate you taking the time to get to know The Pack.

At The Pack, we’re on a mission to support the business of artists, managers, crew, freelancers, and suppliers - all of whom are helping to create the magic of music.

We have seen many parts of the music industry become more efficient with technology in the last decades, but we think there are still massive efficiency gains possible - in service of its' people.
That's why we're building the technology to connect all professionals on stage and behind the scenes, whether they're a seasoned professional or new to the industry.

To do this, we're creating the super app for doing business in the  music industry; a place where people can easily transact (Live now: The Pack Pay), find and recruit the people they need to make music happen (future), and get found by others through sharing their expertise and experience (future).

Above all, we want to continue listening and addressing your needs!

A warm welcome, thank you, and speak to you soon.

Jonathan, Elias, and Hans

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