Make Music.

Not Spreadsheets.

The all-in-one financial tour management software that centralizes budgeting, communication, paperwork, and payments.
Enjoy effortless collaboration between artists, managers, tour managers and accountants

Tour Budget

Stay on top of your budget, keep an overview of expenses made,  and manage all your paperwork in
one place.

**Go for Stress-Free Tours**

Tour Planning

Create simple, crystal-clear financial agreements with crew and suppliers and get T&C's or crew letters agreed on in one go.

**Make sure all crew is covered**

Tour Payments

Make secure one-click payments, with complete transparency. Real-time visibility for everyone, whether you pay or get paid.

**Don't worry about the money**

We simplify tour accounting

Is paperwork your personal nightmare as a (tour) manager? Receive expenses, invoices and agreements through one app and even complete your accountancy with ease.

Intelligent Expense Tracking

Full Tour Accounting

Get your paperwork delivered to The Pack. Organize expenses and invoices under tours and linked to your tour budget.

Transaction History

See which payments are open, paid, or declined.


Tour Creation

Create your tour schedule & planning by uploading any document type.

Smart Documents

Extract key details from expense receipts and categorize costs automatically.

What people say about us

Tour Director -  LobbyCall
It's easy to see who's paid and who's not - I don't like dealing with company finances, but The Pack makes that so much easier for me
Tour Manager - Arena band
I love that The Pack makes tour budgeting more of a science instead of an art.
Tour Manager - Club Tours
I love the full transparency when setting up an agreement with a crew member — it's clear what they're going to make up front, and there's no arguing afterward.

Flexible Plans, Tailored to Your Needs

Experience our powerful features without compromise

Take your tours to a higher level

Read all about new features, tour life and our mission on our blog.

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