Our Mission:  Stress-Free Tour Finances

At The Pack, our mission is to revolutionize the way you manage your tour finances. We believe in harnessing the potential of AI to provide you with tools that empower your financial tour decisions, so you can live touring on your terms.
We want to help the Artist, Artist Manager and Tour manager to create profitable Tours with Happy Crew and Delighted Fans
Let's be real, we're all in this business because we love seeing artists play their music live. So, our end goal is to make live music more accessible by enabling artists to tour more frequently.  So we all get to enjoy more shows!

Knowing what you will get paid, when you will get paid, and actually seeing that you got paid seems like the most basic thing in the world, but unfortunately that isn't always the case for people on tour. Lost invoices, late approvals, incorrect and late transfers, they all happen way too often, and make tour life unpleasant. If we can simplify the paperwork and shave off a few days between work delivered and payment received, we've done a good job.

Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary spreadsheet hell, drowning in paperwork or late-night tour accounting sweat. We are building The Pack to empower tour managers, managers, and artists with the tools to manage tour finances efficiently.  To their financial benefit, but also for their quality of life.

People talk about us

Tour Director -  LobbyCall
It's easy to see who's paid and who's not - I don't like dealing with company finances, but The Pack makes that so much easier for me
Tour Manager - Arena band
I love that budgeting for The Pack is becoming more of a science instead of an art.
Tour Manager - Club Tours
I love the full transparency when setting up an agreement with a crew member — it's clear what they're going to make up front, and there's no arguing afterward.