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    You probably landed here because you're invited as a crew member on a tour on The Pack, and you're a little lost.

    No worries, this page contains everything you need to get started!

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    The Pack is a platform for tour managers and crew members to collaborate on the financial side of producing a tour.

    As a crew member, these are the key steps:

    1. Get invited to an agreement (basically a contract between you and the tour organizer to take up a certain role)
    2. Click accept and sign up after you've seen the basics of the agreement - leading you to create a user
    3. Verify your email address
    4. Create your account and your brand(s) on The Pack by filling out some info
    5. Link one of your brand(s) to the agreement
    6. Go to "Tour" and find the agreement under "tours I am a part of".
    7. Accept, Decline or give Feedback on the agreement
    8. Add receipts for expenses you make (during the tour)
    9. Set up your Stripe account (optional)
    10. Request to get paid and add your invoice 

    Find more details in for each step in the next sections.

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    1. Get Invited

    This is an easy one; if you're on this page you probably got invited already.

    You should have gotten an email notifying you that someone wants to add you to a tour.

    Click the black button in the email and you'll end up on the Accept and Sign Up page.

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    2. Accept and Sign Up

    Still easy, really. Click the big red button and you'll be guided through creating a username and password - or you can use Sign Up with Google.

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    3. Verify Your Email Address

    Go to your inbox, click verify, and you'll be referred back to The Pack.

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    4. Create your Account and your Brand(s)

    On this page, first create your account by adding your username, and then create one or more brands.


    Brands are the public entities you do business as - you could for example create your own freelance brand under your own name, as well as a tour management company you're a part of, and your artist name under which you perform.


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    5. Link the Agreement to your Brand

    Select one of the brands you just created, and link it to the agreement you received.

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    6. Go to Tour and Click the Agreement

    Click "tour" on the left side of the screen, and scroll down.

    Under the section "tours I am a part of" you will find the agreement you've been invited to.

    ** If the tour is coming up soon, you'll also find the agreement on the homepage under "Your Tours".


    Click it to see all the details, including the fees they've budgeted for you and how they've budgeted them (for example: a flat rate per day, or different rates for show days and off days,...)

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    7. Accept, Decline or Give Feedback

    You can either accept or decline the agreement straight away, or you can ask the creator to make changes / give them feedback.


    This works like a regular messaging service on the platform - so feel free to use it however you see fit.

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    8. Add Receipts for Expenses

    In this agreement, you can add receipts for expenses you make during the tour.

    Simply click the "add expenses" button on the top of your agreement (which you can always find under "tours I am a part of") and follow the steps.

    You can upload receipts and let image recognition recognize the details, or you can add them manually - up to you!

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    9. Set up your Stripe Account (optional)

    If you want to be able to send payment requests, add invoices and get paid through The Pack, you need to set up a Stripe account. Stripe is a payment processor that links to your bank account - very easy to set up.

    To get this process started, go to "pay" in the left hand menu, and click "set up payouts".

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    10. Request Payment

    To request a (partial) payment for your work, go to your agreement under "tour" again, and find the button that says "ask to get paid".


    A form will open, that will allow you to edit each field. In case you want to be paid for only a portion of the total amount for instance, you can edit that.


    You'll also be able to add your invoice, indicate whether VAT needs to be included and much more.

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    Bonus: Get help

    The 3 people in the lovely picture to your left are building The Pack with love and enthusiasm (and with an awesome team!), and they want nothing more than to give you a great experience.


    So if you're lost somewhere, don't hesitate to ask for help:

    Use the chat icon on The Pack (bottom right) or email to helpdesk@partofthepack.com.